Friday, November 6, 2009

New Links

Here are some links I though people would find interesting.

General Computer Science Information: I could read this all day.

Famous in Computer Science and his contributions to the majority of my homework, thank you
Mr. Dijkstra.....

On another topic, Modern Warfare 2 comes out Tuesday. I'm still unsure about purchasing it right now with school. I have excellent self control, but why risk it? I'll have plenty of time after. This intersession I MUST think of a coding project I want to do in C#.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Even more serious lack of updates!!

Oh my god what has happened since July 30, my last blog post. With over 3 months (quarter of a year) behind me since the last post I’m not quite sure where to begin. Let’s just plow away.

So I began dating to a semi-serious degree. I have allowed myself to get walked on, missed some opportunities, left a tad bit sad hearted, made some great friends and had some exciting experiences. Needless to say I still have yet to learn that I should not be dating until I finish school. But I’m not sure if that is quite human either. I don’t know the real answer to that.

So I figure by the end of this semester I’ll either have become some uber computer programmer or I will have exhausted every cell within my brain to be anything useful. I can’t even begin the degree of stress that I have incurred with this schedule (that I really had no choice unless I dropped out). Tons of programs, gobs of research and new things I have never been exposed to all dropping down on me at once.

For our Software Engineering project we decided to create a program that creates random word search puzzles based on settings the user can specify. Sounds fun, were trudging away and hopefully with have a fully working program before semesters end like we are supposed to.

Magic has been placed on the back burner. There is just too much to keep up with right now. Friends and Homework need to come first, unfortunately that means shutting out some of my magic friends whereas that is how I know them. I hope they will ultimately understand but I think their patience is dwindling.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Serious Lack of updates, Magic and Wall-mart!

So I got motivated today and decided to post something. My biggest excuse for lagging in my updates is my laptop was down for a few week. The power cable stopped charging the computer and Dell was prompt to fix the problem. While it did take a couple weeks I can’t complain, it was free and practically painless.

Work has also certainly kept me away also. New owners, new bosses and the like have kept us fairly busy in the past couple months. It pleases me to see were getting our shit back together at work.

As it would never fail to leave me, Magic has certainly peeked my interest once more. A game I have played on a semi serious level for nearly 14 years brings new challenges and deck construction. Grabbing first place in a Magic 2010 Pre-release wave, 3rd at a small town tournament in Lancaster and 2nd in a type II has got me motivated that I have no lost my ability to play this game.

I placed some orders for cards; purchased a few things I’m going to need to revamp the collection my friend and I have struggled to keep updated for years. Eventually I’ll post the lists here once I have tuned them, but for now there not solid.

School has also begun to creep up faster and faster. Much like a poker tournament, I’m going all in now. I’m more confidant than ever that this degree is no longer mine to loose, but mine to take! The difficulties I faced last semester combined with my school schedule and maintaining a passing academic record have me confidant in my abilities.

So I will be taking probably 15-18 units scaling back work to only two days. I plan to take 3-4 computer science courses and two math courses. As crazy as this may sound, I’m entertaining the idea that perhaps I’ll take 12 units at CSUN and 5 units at AVC.

An interesting thing and revelation occurred to me in Wall-Mart peering into a tormented person of my past. Everything is simply a lie. There is no truth in this situation and perhaps I continue to dwell on the subject, but perhaps it is difficult to not analyze something you changed and poured your heart and life into at one time that now makes you feel empty, silly and sorry for such a thing.

What happened was great and was pictured just as I foresaw. Lies could not hide the truth of what I saw and heard today. You simply cannot lie to a child.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Uhg, Lack of Updates… Gaming and Baby Squirrels! DnD in there someplace…

So I’ve been fairly lazy in my ability keep up with my blog, however that does not mean there is nothing to mention. There have actually been plenty of happenings in the recent month!

I re-addicted myself to Call of Duty: World at War. I took the plunge and went prestige mode, which wipes out all of weapons and perks for looks and small bonuses. A small way for me to keep playing I guess. It has made me look at using other weapons and how effective they can be.

Another game I have also maintained an addiction to has been Agricola; however this addiction is much tougher to feed since I have only one person to play it with right now. Not to mention at this point an individual who probably beat me more than most. My copy came in the mail finally and I dumped a good $30 dollars more buying boxes and sleeves to keep all the pieces and cards in good shape for a long time. I have another $30 or so to spend to get the cooler pieces.

So my mom and I picked up 9 baby squirrels from my work. It was a little difficult for me to see the all die on a daily basis from other predators and the equipment we must use around work. I figured if I took them home they would have a chance. So I did the research and discovered we have everything to keep them alive and going. Now they are doing incredibly well and hopefully in a month or so we can release them!

I play Dungeons and Dragons on Saturdays now, officially inducting me into the realm of nerdy-ness. We have a blast every afternoon playing with 6 people plus a dungeon master. A dungeon master engineers a story line and moderates how the non-playable characters (NPC’s) act such as monsters and friendly characters. As of now I’m currently playing a Paladin, the only way I think I will be successful at having fun with DnD is if I play something true to my personality in real life. I enjoy helping others and I tend to be extremely altruistic.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Semester Salvaged! Agricola on the way! Civilization: Revolution…

So much like the cowardly student I am, I’ve neglected to check my grades for the past few weeks in fear of what was a looming disaster. Worst and best cases were both avoided; however, I ended up with the middle case! Which were 3 C’s and a C+. Nobody should be proud of such grades even as a Computer Science major, I simply could have done significantly better.

These grades, however, are satisfactory given the classes I was taking and the first half of an emotionally tormented year. I would have to say given all the obstacles blocking my path I’m actually fairly pleased I came out unscathed. I had never taken two math classes in a given semester and basically two programming classes as well; to top it off I had a general education class to tack on.

Agricola is on the way! I have no one play it with at the present time that does not already have it, but I don’t care, it’s ALL MINE. I’ll be able to sift through the cards and study them better so I’m not reading them so much when I actually play the game with my buddy and other events like an idiot.

I plan to pick up the animeeples (little replacement pieces that add fun to the game) next month. The pieces represent the actual items you receive in game such as Wheat, sheep and so on. The game is highly addicting.

I’m really enjoying Civilization in my free time. I attempted to play a few online games but the people I have been matched up against have been fairly slow and it takes almost 20 minutes to get through the first 20 turns. Even against PC opponents I can limit my turns to at most 30 seconds after the first 20.As of now I bounce between that and Call of Duty: World at War. Warcraft 3 has disappeared...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

E3 has arrived! New Articles and I don’t know WTF to do with myself !!

I didn’t get a chance to go this year but I’m sure at some point in my career I will make to this event!!

So finally new hotness has arrived in what has been a depressingly stale game market. With only a few games such as Starcraft 2 and Diablo III on my radar, I was feeling pretty down in video games.

New Hotness #1

Star Wars: Old Republic

I think I jizzed my pants after watching this video. To me there is almost nothing that echoes awesomeness than a bitchen light saber fight. This game will hope fully have a decent shelf-life against World of Warcraft; however it needs to be done right! Time will tell but the irony is this game will probably not need to worry about WOW, but Starcraft 2 and Diablo III.

New Hotness #2

Metroid: Other M

Finally we have a Metroid game leaving the first person perspective. It’s not that I had a problem with a Metroid Prime series; it got old after two games. I failed to finish Metroid Prime: Corruption out of boredom.

Just in time to watch my dad, brother and his girlfriend take my Nintendo Wii to Texas. This was ingenious timing on my part. I don’t think I should be too concerned; the game is slated to arrive late 2010. Just in time to reunite with my loved ones, my nun-chuck, Wii-mote and console!

New Hotness #3

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy was an incredibly fun game. I’m very pleased to not only see a sequel return but it has Yoshi as well OMGWTFBBQ… Mario tends to be one of a few games I’ll purchase that has zero multiplayer.

New Hotness #4 (No video)

New Zelda Game!

The great news here is we have a new Zelda game to finally take full advantage of the Wii. Admittedly I never played the Twilight Princess, but I’ll probably pick this up. I just hope they continue to use the same formula for Zelda games without the funny business.

Nintendo also announced a bunch of garbage for the Wii. Some piece of shit that will take my pulse and yet ANOTHER fucking Wii Fat… I hate to admit that these things are widely popular with the ladies, which has been problem demographic to grab in video game sales.

I saw a new Halo game announced but I have to admit that Halo was never something I was able to play. Gaystation is no ware to be found! Sony did however announce a new portable system called the PSP Go!

The CEO’s at Sony must be drinking something pretty outrageous because there fucking idiots. You plan to put out a new portable system against the DS and DSi in a market that Nintendo clearly has by the balls. Not to mention you’re also competing against the iPhone/iTouch. If Sony didn’t have all the financial backing they most certainly would be in tank by now! They need to crawl back into a hole, lick their wounds and find a new way to redefine their gaming products at a cheaper cost. Oh wait, Nintendo did that!

I got a couple new articles posted on

Not to crazy about this one… But it was a warm up.…/32666/

This one got better! The game was really fun; I suggest picking it up if you can
I’m currently working on two new ones. Hopefully see those in a week or two. With all of our E3 coverage it might be two.

So I don’t know WTF to do with myself!!!

I’m working full time and writing articles for this site and yet I still get bored and hit my head against the wall… I picked up Civilization: Revolution given the price drop but I cant find any games. I started playing Warcraft III again, that’s alright but I’m only good for a couple games a day. Lalalala is school here yet?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Verizon, Board Games, Gamex, and!!!

It’s been a fairly busy past few weeks. Let’s start with Verizon! A job offer literally fell into my lap. Little did I know my resume is still floating idle on some database and Verizon happen to pick it up! The job entails customer support optics analyst. This job pays fairly handsomely compared to my current job…

The problem: The Job is in Oxnard and school would most certainly suffer as a result. This places me at a crossroads in life.

Take the job and possibly pigeon-hole myself into it forever and never really finish school, my goals, but get paid, move out, buy neat things and watch my family move! Or stay on track, taking 2 more years to get a real job, possibly move with the family, and get the job I want, build the resume and get a better career? Dilemma indeed…


I knew this would happen at some point in my college career, however I would be foolish not to explore the offer and I will certainly do so. We will see!


I’ve recently become addicted to two board/card games. Agricola and Dominion! Agricola features you as a farmer fighting for resources and building a farm of all things! The player who’s able to create a better farm wins.

Dominion is a card game featuring players with a similar 10 card starting deck.  Each turn you draw 5 cards and with those cards you buy more cards that increase your deck! Once you run out of cards to draw you shuffle everything together with all the cards you purchased and continue playing. Ultimately you buy points and those get shuffled into your deck. The games ends under certain conditions and the player with the most points in his/her deck wins!

So we went to Gamex! I have to admit I wish I had only gone Saturday. But I still had fun. I must give my friend Avery props for helping me out because with all the bills and obligations I had I could not have made a weekend out of it, so I'll get him back soon. We played some Agricola there, a new game called Amun-Ra (I think). That game was particularly not very interesting. I moped around some, but it was nice to be away from work, school and house.

Lastly I have begun writing again for I feel very rusty and I’m attempting to get my groove back. Opinion articles are the directions so hopefully I feel less restricted to say something controversial. The first article, which is indeed one I posted here, I dressed up and submitted it. It’s raising some eyebrows. =).

I know, this was a quick and dirty entry, I’ll make up for it when I can…